Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dayao 2012

Yea...guess many people having PODS(Post Dayao Syndrome??) recently. And many many peoples also post their feelings towards Dayao 2012, including the birdy seniors too..so so long time didn't see their blog updates but suddenly active back..haha. I wanna post something at here after Dayao every year but too lazy to write so freaky long stuff. So normally I just post some photos at here. Last year even none I guess? AHAHA

Yeaaaa, I admit I'm a person like to..errrrr.. '爱显'?? ahaha...but this time is the most low profile that I ever had. Seeing everyone having fun there, taking pictures after the event, post here post there, tag here tag there, bo jio here bo jio there...and I'm just looking at their updates silently. Could you imagine? A guy who having more than 25 pictures (haven't include backstage photos arr ><) in a performance event..this time only have less than 10 photos?? ahaha.. But anyway, 岁月不留人...It's their event and they are having new era in YLS. I'm suppose to be an audience this year(last year I still shout out loud that it's my last last last time at here...LOL). But everytime they asked for my help, I still come back to help them for their performance. Probably YLS is still my home at all, if not because of YLS and the seniors...I guess I'm just a normal student and can get first class honours as well..LOL. And of cuz, If not because my bandmates, I won't be a rocker and people won't be keep asking me whether I'm studying music or I'm an economist. Until now...it just happened last week, my previous coursemate asked me, 'I'm doubt that you are a music student or a master student..hmm' LOL..YEA! I'm an economist, but major MUSIC, minor Econs...so what?

Glad that the performance for this year is really great. I was so worry and doubt that whether they can make it success...thought that it could be a just unplugged performance after all. But what they have done, their ideas..really surprise me. And seeing them are so close and so cooperate together..makes me kinda jealous. Sometimes, I will think back...why I can't get better with the committees last time? Maybe with the knowledge and ability that we have, we can make it better? But anyway, we manage to change their concept towards making good music and performance..and it's getting better and better each year. This is the only thing we left to them. But hey....you guys are really really really GREAT!! Keep it up mannn =)

Hmm...bout how I feel this time. Na....I'm just a very very inactive participants this time. Wanna duduk diam diam and be an audience this year..but...still perform..ahhaha. Yea...I'm having dilemma whether wanna help them or not after I received Raymee's call during less than 1 month before the event. At first I keep rejecting him cuz I felt it's their event and they gotta solve it by themselves no matter what...if not they can't grow. And somemore, that SONG is not that EASY after all..aiks >< Asked my bandmates and SX bout' it. Bandmates quite supportive but SX just be neutral.. Yea...almost forgotten, get to know a very funny friend recently. She taught me something which called, 义气! Zau came to help us last year. So, I decided to contribute back. Since the song is partly composed by Yunfei and the vocalist is my Ah Sou...so..have to give them a help lar...hehe XD

About the song that I in charged and the jamming session? hmmmmm... Their first arrangement is really like a mess...and I have to follow Yunfei's idea to make it more alternative. Again...the following 2 weeks, I listen alternative until wanna vomit... But, I started to appreciate alternative music..no..suppose to be all of the music. Yea..especially Coldplay..really cool man. Facing few difficulties too, I know this time I will put up high expectation on this song. Nobody like this song at all after listened to the demo. Only me and Jocelyn still keep holding on. And I wanna prove their judgement wrong and I support Yunfei's Indie concept! Yea...I'm ambitious sometimes and still...'爱显'!! AHAHA!! Sometimes push too hard to the musicians...probably Raymee won't like me..ahaha. But in the end, I lower down my expectation because...I learned something throughout the jamming session and also after attended Faruq's workshop. Not everyone is perfect, the best is to discover their advantage and use them. And appreciate every music that you listen. Me and Jocelyn were so worry that nobody will accept alternative music but still....it turned out great in the end. And it got into newspaper article as well!!! Anyway, still got few people don't like it but...very subjective lar..ahaha. But in the end, Raymee started to like alternative music. Yup..and I learned to be humble as well. It's a good thing though.

My good friends in 'Band C'!! Middle one is my Ah Sou. Left one is Raymee. Both are talented..but the left still a bit lack of confidence I guess? (Hey, you are not bad after all..just need to be more confidence and be more expose to the world out there ya)

Noah, a really talented and most humble bassist who I've meet so far. His touching on bass is really great!!

This time is something really different for me and quite touching as well. First time leading a song without my bandmates. First time perform at here without my bandmates. First time perform total Indie song without my bandmates. But I still carry on their passion in music to the stage. ROCK NEVER DIES!! It's quite touching that Yunfei sms all the way from China on that event night. Yeaaa...suddenly came out a noob idea that night. We recorded down the crowd before we perform so that Yunfei can feel the warm from us. Saw Jocelyn tears dropped and hugged me. Raymee said thanks to me cuz gained a new lesson throughout the jamming. Noah told me he likes the song very much. And got the warm welcome from the crowd! Everything is WORTH! My heart is melted. Thanks to Yunfei believing in me (hey, but still I can't totally accept indie stuff lar..ahaha) Gained some good experience, and I know I gotta be humble cuz' there's always new things for me to learn no matter what kind of musicians that I mixed of.

My cool pose when performing 'Paper Boat'   

Recently read a blog from Yunfei. Suddenly wanna cry.... Realized that all these days, that's a lot of memorable stuff with my bandmates beside just YLS. We knew each other through YLS. We played together. We quarreled. Nearly to disband as well. But 3 of us still standing together. Thanks to Zau and Yunfei. Make my dream comes true to have a band. Maybe we are not as good as the bands out there. But we are improving from day by day. Looking back our first performance...feel like wanna laugh. But when looking back our performance during J-Rock no Tamashii 2, it's freaking AMAZING! Really miss the jamming session with you guys. We gotta move further for our band.... If you are planning to back from China, we will wait for you!

Like this photo a lot!! This is the fourth time we take photo together after Dayao! But one is the performer. Another one is an audience ><. Hey, hopefully next year we will be the audience together lar har..ahaha (Hey, you really like a big sister for me. And makes me stay at here..ahaha XD)

Alright...guess I'm writing too much! Anyway, YLS juniors and upcoming newbies...ALL THE BEST in the future!! This time is really the LAST LAST LAST time I performed here lar.. Let me have a chance to be audience as well larrrr ><

The last time that my band take picture together during Dayao 2011!!! One Inch Closer ROCKS!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011



The worst thing that can happen to a person is...you are lying to yourself that you are not alone, but the fact is..everytime when you wake up from your dream, you found out that you are alone actually. You've lost, got no direction and you don't know where should you go anymore. Whatever you did....it probably can't turn back anymore. It's the saddest moment that you are going through. From now on, please appreciate everyone around you..especially your love ones.

I remain silent all the while since that day..staying away from everything, doesn't mean I got no feeling at all. Wearing my poker face, pretend to be tough and...hide myself at the far far corner..cuz' I choose to keep everything to myself and...looking at you...silently. After everything we had gone through....do you think it's so easy to erase everything and start a new journey? =(

I wish....it could turn back to where we started.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Sometime...really feel like god is playing with us...

Just knew...we were so close today....really really close!! Probably we were just few meters away..Same Time! Same place!

But.......the funny thing is.....

We didn't notice bout' it and we couldn't see each other...

It's the destiny...

'无缘' =(

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Last....and my true words..

Probably....this is the last post that I wanna post here. Found out that I posted lots of emo stuff here. Realize there are few people read my blog..and they were worry bout me. Shouldn't let them worry anymore. But...it's so hard to keep everything by myself. There's nobody that I can really talk to. Wanna talk and share with you but I don't get a chance to do so.....here is the last place that I can tell out my feelings and probably.....maybe to let you know =(

Recently lots of stuff happened....the things around us has changed and the people changed. Try to make it back as normal as we had before...but it won't back to what we used to have. But no matter how, I tried my best to love you, care you and appreciate you. I tried my best to show you how I care for you and how I think of you. I always wish that you are willingly to tell and share with me your problems. I might be not always on time for you but I really try my best to be there for you no matter how. I put effort on us...just to let you know I'm serious with our relationships. But the thing...it doesn't work out. The way I did most probably wrong....I couldn't bring you secure. I couldn't bring you trust. You choose to close the door for me. Suddenly I felt...I'm just like a stranger for you. I'm not the one that you used to love anymore.

You are the one who told me with 7 words, 'forever and always, I will love you'. And with this...I take this as my believe and my promise. I really work hard to build our future cuz I know...we are going to walk side by side for the journey in the future. No matter how hard the obstacles are...your hand is the only thing I wanna hold with. I never think that you are not good enough for me, maybe sometimes you treated me a little bit bad...but it doesn't matter...... Cuz' I know, from deep down of your heart, You are the one who love me the most and I really appreciate it. It's not that easy to find someone that you love and she loves you with her heart. That's why...not matter how harsh that you told me..I use all of my heart to save it back. I don't wish to complain anything...just the thing is...I felt like you not used to treat me like you have before. I'm worry and I'm scare of losing you. Probably some mistakes that I've done before makes you treat me like that but...everyone does has mistakes. Could you accept it if you love me? I don't expect anything from you...I just wish that you could care me like how sweet you did before. Just a little bit is enough to cheer my day =( I'm not complaining...I just wanna tell you the problem so that you would know.. If I really don't care of it and treat it like nothing...probably you are not that important in my heart anymore. But the fact is...I didn't do so...

Wish to meet you today and have a talk with you.....but you choose to turn down. Know you will be having test soon....so....after few days ba =(

Guess you might be reading it or not. But...Just to let you know...we are couples. Everything about you will related to me. We share every hard time and happiness together. What you did will affected me. How you feel will related to my feelings as well. If we really love each other...we shall love our hearts out...there's nothing to hide...and we trust on each other.

Probably...I'm not that good enough for you..and might not meet what you expected. The way I care you was wrong...and makes you feel that I'm so annoying. The promise I gave...only bring you disappointment. I don't deserve anything from you. From now on...you have all the freedom that you want to..without thinking of me. You have all the time you want to...without spending a single minute for me. You can do what you like..without caring how I feel. I don't mean anything for you anymore...I won't control you. Guess you will live better without me... It's the last and the true words that I wanna say and not gonna post at here anymore. I will keep everything with myself...

Still remember....it was the song playing when the first time I confessed to you. Hope that it could pamper me to sleep better tonight. It's been 3 nights continuously that I can't sleep already. God bless =)